The Minneapolis Teaching Center

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The Minneapolis Saint Paul Community Teaching Center is a branch of Theteachings of the ascended masters Summit Lighthouse.

We are located at:
6035 Nicollet Avenue S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

We are a unique nondenominational religious and philosophical organization.


The Summit Lighthouse over the last forty years has become a forum for the ascended masters and their students throughout the world. With international headquarters in Corwin Springs, Montana, and study groups and teaching centers throughout the world, the ascended masters and their students have and continue to disseminate the ancient wisdom to every nation.


From its inception, The Summit Lighthouse has remained dedicated first to the development of the unlimited spiritual potential of man, and second, to the bringing forth of such progressive revelation as will assist the individual to unfold his character, his ideals, and his understanding of cosmic law. The Minneapolis Teaching Center, holds public services weekly as well as outreach events through out the year.


Our purpose is to provide a teaching environment that allows seekers, from all walks of life, to study the Teachings of the Ascended Masters at their own pace and with the goal of realizing the Christ within themselves and others.

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