The ascended masters are called ascended masters because they have mastered time and space by applying the same laws that Jesus and others have proven.  They have ascended into the Presence of God as Jesus did when he was taken up and a cloud received him out of their sight. The cloud into which they have all ascended is the mystical Presence of the I AM which Moses beheld in the bush that burned and was not consumed and who identified himself as the AM THAT I AM.  (Exod. 3:14)

These saints and sages of East and West include Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Kuan Yin, Saint Francis, Confucius, Mary the Mother, John the Beloved, Lord Maitreya, El Morya, Enoch, and Saint Germain.  They have arisen from every continent and walk of life and are here to help others find the path home to God. 

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